what & why?

I do design. But what, why and where?

And how can you benefit from it?


Animation can mean multiple things. I mostly do 2d animations, with illustrations and graphic elements. The animations can be tailored and published on youtube, instagram, Facebook a website (or where ever theres a screen).

Here’s an example of an animation I did for Ergostone, in order to explain their product in a more conspicuous way.

clear & concist 

An animation can easily depict a complicated scenario (for example a business model) and explain it in a fast way. Which is great,  if you are trying to get the attention from “fast scroolers” on SOME.
There are no physical borders (as it could be in a film). Which means the opportunity for creativity is huge. 

reflect your brand

Another benefit to animation is that you can incorporate your brand’s personality into an animated video. For the same reason as your having a logotype or a graphic profile, but with bigger opportunities.


Animated marketing videos being so appealing is that rather than associating this type of marketing video with adverts, we associate them with cartoons. Which means that you will easily grab the attention of the receiver and leave it with a good association. 


  • Viewers understand the topic 95% from the video and 10% from the text. (Forbes)
  • Websites which include video are 53 times more likely to be found on search engines, and the average time a person will stay on a website increases from 8 seconds to 2 minutes if the website has video on it (animationexplainers.com).
  • If a webpage has textual and visual content, 72% of viewers will prefer watching the video to understand a product or service. (HubSpot)
  • Approximately, 50% of viewers search for a product and service-related video online before they decide to purchase. (Hubspot)

illustration & graphic design

graphic design

Graphic design is great and necessary way, to gain recongnition and appeal to costumers. 

  • Logotypes & graphic profiles (color, typography etc).
  • Websites (from scratch including everything or just layout & wireframing)
  • Packaging design & print (an example i did for ciccic collection )


Perhaps you have something you need to explain, or you want to reflect your brand in a new and fresh way?
I recently did some illustrations for: JNF.

The purpose is to gain recognition in present and further ads and communication. With the opportunity to publish as a printed asset or on a screen.