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Hi, my name is Christofer but also Carol Grandpierre.

Christofer, mostly enjoys hanging out with friends, skiing, watch football and geography.

Carol enjoys listening to strange music contemplating and draw.

Carol thinks Chris is “flat-minded” and needs to explore the universe beyond social media.

Chris thinks Carol is pretentious and needs to stop problematize his entire universe.

Chris admires Carols ability of looking at the world, and rephrase it in to creations.

Carol admires Chris simplicity.

Chris makes sure their creations is done by the needs and expectations of their clients.

Carol makes sure it is done with originality.

With inspirations from either, suggestive instrumental music and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  

We are freelancers,  currently based by the foot of Åreskutan, Norrland, Sweden.

Graphic design, animations and illustrations are our specialities.

We can also tailor projects that demands film, photo and music. 



Björneborgsvägen 6 83797 Åre